Our Catholic Stories

Telling the Stories of Catholic Education:

A GrACE Initiative in Cooperation with the Diocese of Calgary

Stories have the power to move hearts, share insights, inspire change and build empathy.  In our grateful effort to celebrate and advocate for Catholic Education, GrACE recognizes the importance of seeking and telling the powerful stories of Catholic schools. 

By sharing our stories:

  • we start to recognize the sacramental “God moments” happening all around us.
  • we build up the community of Catholic schools with common lived experience.
  • we create the opportunity for others to understand more deeply what Catholic education is all about.

Recognizing the power of story, GrACE invites you to reflect on your moments in Catholic education, put them on paper, and share them. 

The Calgary Diocese publishes Faithfully on-line and in-print every month.  Faithfully gives a snapshot of faith at work in the lives of everyday people. This diocesan online publication is sent by email to all subscribers and posted on the diocesan website monthly.  Each month they will post 1-2 stories submitted by GrACE on the topic of Catholic education.

How can you support this initiative?

  1. Prayerfully reflect on one of your stories of Catholic education.
  2. Write the story. Faithfully limits each story to a maximum of 500 words.
  3. Attach 1-3 pictures to support the story.
  4. Submit the Catholic School story to GrACE gracedirector7@gmail.com
  5. Tag (personally invite) someone you know to write the next story.
  6. Subscribe to Faithfully

Thank you for your efforts and for sharing your commitment to Catholic Education.

We are grateful.


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