GrACE Resources

The heart of GrACE is the community engagement presentation, which provides opportunities for small group discussion and conversation as well as critical information regarding Catholic education in Alberta.  The presentation is organized in three components.  The presentation can be adapted for various audiences.  The ideal time required for a GrACE engagement is 90 minutes.

Session I: The Gift of Catholic Education

  • What’s your story?

Session II: Catholic Schools-Who are We?

  • History of Catholic Education in Alberta
  • Catholic Identity: Our unique and distinct nature
  • The Five Marks of a Catholic School
  • Current Statistics
  • Current Issues in Catholic Education

Session III: Moving Forward in Catholic Education

  • GrACE
  • Advocating for Catholic Education

GrACE Engagement Presentation

5 Marks of a Catholic School

This presentation was created by GrACE in cooperation with five Catholic School Districts in the province of Alberta.  Five different videos, one for each mark, were created by the school districts

5 Marks of a Catholic School