Excellence in Catholic Education Award

Excellence in Catholic Education Award 2023


The Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta (C.C.S.S.A.) is a community of disciples leading and guiding Catholic education in Alberta.

We proudly and continuously proclaim the benefits of Catholic education to our partners, stakeholders, and the public at large.

As a community of disciples, and leaders in Catholic education in Alberta, we wish to communicate clearly and convincingly the raison d'etre for Catholic education, and its value to society. 

We believe that one way of achieving this goal is to establish an ‘Excellence in Catholic Education Award’, recognized annually by Alberta Catholic school jurisdictions and presented by CCSSA.

If possible, we will come together at SPICE and Blueprints to celebrate as a community. We must acknowledge and celebrate those deserving of our recognition and gratitude for their service to Catholic Education and we pray that we will return to the tradition of honouring recipients at the evening banquet at each of these events.


Clearly Catholic school communities place great importance on respect and support for fellow human beings and community-mindedness. To this end, we wish to honour ‘teachers’ across the Province of Alberta who have contributed in an extraordinary way of serving the needs of Catholic students. 

As Catholic school jurisdictions, by participating together, in a provincial Catholic education award initiative, it is hoped that students, teachers, staff, parents, and all in Catholic education can also feel a sense of being part of a bigger picture that can make a real difference in the lives of all Catholic students throughout the Province of Alberta.

The Excellence in Catholic Education Award recognizes Catholic ‘teachers’ in Alberta who have done an exemplary job in preparing our youth to grow into outstanding Catholic citizens. Nominees shall be passionate about Catholic education and the students they teach, inspire their students, and demonstrate commitment to Catholic education and teaching excellence. 


A nominee must be a practicing Catholic who is a certificated teacher teaching or working full time in a publicly funded Catholic school jurisdiction in the Province of Alberta. The award is limited to ‘individuals’ – staff groups or school staffs are ‘not’ eligible.


Each Divisional Selection Committee will look for specific examples of how the teacher’s character, teaching, or leadership excels at:

  • role-modelling Catholic values and a Catholic lifestyle;
  • fostering the development of students and their spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth;
  • motivating students to exceed their own expectations;
  • attending to individual student needs;
  • working collaboratively with colleagues & parish;
  • demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, curriculum, and the integration of the teachings of the Catholic Church;
  • being involved in professional and spiritual growth activities;
  • achieving positive results in student learning; and,
  • demonstrating caring for the well-being of students and colleagues, thereby contributing to a positive school climate. 

’Each school division will determine their nomination and selection process.’


Each publicly funded Catholic school jurisdiction in the Province of Alberta is asked to determine the nomination and selection process as well as the recipient for their division. 

School jurisdictions may award one certificate. Edmonton Catholic and Calgary Catholic may award up to three certificates.  

Divisional recipients will be presented with a C.C.S.S.A. Excellence in Catholic Education Certificate on behalf of the President of CCSSA.

Additionally, each jurisdiction that is honouring one of their members with this award will provide the CCSSA Executive with a three hundred (300) word summary for the recognition booklet that will serve as a memento for award recipients and their respective school divisions.

Submissions must be in an editable format such as a Word or Google Document. PDF's will not be accepted.


February 24, 2023 – School divisions provide the CCSSA Executive Director with the following (executive.director@ccssa.ca):

  • Name (s) of the award recipient 
  • Name of the School Division 
  • A three hundred (300) word nomination support summary for the recognition memento.  (in WORD/Google Doc but NOT PDF)
  • A one hundred (100) word introduction to be used at SPICE/Blueprints Banquet to introduce your award recipient
  • 2 or 3 digital pictures of the award recipient (alone and with students)
  • Inform at to which function the recipient will receive the award, SPICE, Blueprints, or not attending (costs associated with attendance at the banquet are the responsibility of each school division)
  • Indicate which CCSSA member from your school division will be presenting the award to your recipient